Cinnamon Almond Bread



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Cinnamon Almond Bread


3/8 cup whole milk

3/8 cup water

1 egg

3 cups all-purpose flour

4 tablespoons butter, melted

1/3 cup sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons active yeast


1 tablespoon heavy cream

5 tablespoons butter, melted

1/2 cup packed brown sugar


1 lb. almond paste

1 tablespoon butter, melted

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

2 tablespoons packed brown sugar

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1/2 cup sliced almonds


powdered sugar

heavy cream

Have water at lukewarm temperature. Proof the yeast in the water. In the bowl of a stand mixer beat the egg, milk and proofed yeast until blended. Add the sugar and melted butter; blend. Add flour and knead until smooth. Place the smooth kneaded dough into a greased bowl and cover; place in warm spot to rise until doubled in volume. Punch down and let rise one more time. Roll dough out into about a 9×18…

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Delicious roast pumpkin Orzotto – barley ‘risotto’

Delicious roast pumpkin Orzotto - barley 'risotto'

Quick easy risotto is always a delicious meal, this is a twist on tradition by using pearl barley.

1kg pumpkin, seeds removed
200g fresh local peas
2 tablespoons butter or olive oil
1 cup uncooked pearl barley
1 leek, white and light green parts only, thinly sliced
1/4 cup white wine
4 cups chicken or vegetable stock (preferably homemade)
1/4 teaspoon salt, or more to taste
1/4 cup toasted almonds, chopped
Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)

I like to roast my pumpkin first – place on a baking tray with a bit of salt, pepper and freshly grated nutmeg and roast for 30mins.

In the meantime, you can start off the orzotto or barl-otto, as you would any old risotto.

Add oil and sweat off the leak, add the barley fry for a few minutes. Add the wine and turn down the heat till almost gone.

The difference between this and a risotto is you do not have to stir it continuously and its still creamy and delicious. Which is awesome.

Meanwhile prepare your stock – I used a veggie stock I made earlier but a bouillon cube is fine, especially if you’re in a hurry. You can get some great ready stocks too – so look out for those!

Add the roasted pumpkin and raw peas, stock and salt, and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally, for 30 minutes, or until barley is cooked through but still chewy and pumpkin is falling apart. Taste and adjust seasoning. Serve immediately, topped with a sprinkling of toasted almonds and grated cheese, if desired.

Gourmand Raspberry Eclairs

must give these a go! Yum.



Choux Paste

  • 120 grams cake flour
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 10 grams granulated sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 80 grams butter
  • 4 eggs


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside.

  • Sift the flour onto a piece of parchment paper.

  • In a saucepan combine the milk,water,sugar, salt and butter. Place over medium heat and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and and dump the flour into the saucepan. Stir until well combined. Place saucepan back onto heat set on low. Beat mixture with wooden spoon for 2 minutes . The flour will begin to coat the bottom of the pan.

  • Dump the mixture into the bowl of a food processor. Add the eggs and pulse until the mixture is well combined and thickened.

  • Place the dough into a pastry bag fitted with a plain 1/2-inch tip. Pipe into 12 eclair…

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Lamb burgers with fresh mango salsa


So what does your mum get you when she goes on holiday? Mine got me a bag of exotic fruit and veg, all the way from Brazil. Yep. Not joking!!

It took a while to figure out what was what… some stuff was alien looking and tasted absolutely disgusting. After smelling and peeling and picking at a small green oval shaped ‘fruit/veg’ I decided to investigate further and cut it up. White aubergine!!! but not the round Chinese ones. It was amusing.

The mangoes where insanely good though. TDF – that is abv. for TO DIE FOR! What do you do with mangoes – delicious, ripe mangoes?

You make fresh chutney obviously, oh and Lamb burgers. Oh and you invite your girlfriends over to tell them the salsa on said burgers travelled in your mothers suitcase, probably illegally, all the way from Brazil!

Lamb and feta spice burgers

500g minced lamb
100g feta cheese , crumbled
1 small red onion , grated
2 cloves garlic, pulped
1 tsp each – cumin, coriander, salt
1 tbsp harissa
small handful coriander leaves, chopped
4 crusty bread rolls

to garnish
sliced ripe flat tomatoes
greek yoghurt
mango salsa (recipe below)

Mango Salsa
1 medium red onion
2 tsp salt
2 mangoes
4 red jalapeños
2 tbs finely chopped coriander
Juice of 1 lime
1 tsp cumin

Method – burgers

Put the lamb mince in a bowl with the crumbled feta, red onion, spices, harissa and chopped coriander. Season well, then form into burgers.

Grill to liking.

for the salsa

Dice onion very finely and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of salt, let rest for about 10 minutes
Peel mango and dice into small pieces
Dice jalapeños very finely, I removed the seeds and membranes to make the salsa mild since the kids love it, but if you would like it spicier add them!
Mix the lime, coriander and cumin together
Rinse the onions with warm water
Mix all the ingredients together and serve.



Carrot, ginger and beetroot Juice

Carrot, ginger and beetroot Juice

Recipe Credit – Australian Good Taste – March 2004 , Page 20 Recipe by Amanda Kelly
Photography by John Paul Uriza


7 large (about 1.2kg) carrots, peeled, topped
4 (about 650g) beetroot bulbs, halved
4 green apples, halved
2 tbs pickled ginger in syrup (Buderim Ginger brand)
Crushed ice, to serve


Use a juice extractor to process the carrot, beetroot, apple and pickled ginger. Transfer the juice to a medium jug and stir to combine.

Add the crushed ice and stir well. Pour among serving glasses and serve immediately.

You can make this juice up to six hours ahead. Keep covered in the fridge.


Pastry Heaven – Gluten free short crust.

Pastry Heaven - Gluten free short crust.

I love making pastry and I love biting into a crunchy pie crust.. Here is a super easy GF pastry recipe.

220g rice flour
1/2 tsp salt
110g cold butter, diced (for dairy free use lard/ veggie suet)
1 whole beaten egg mixed with 1 tbsp water
(For sweet pastry, add 70g caster sugar at stage 2)


Sieve the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl.

Add the butter and rub into the flour with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Using a table knife stir in the liquid until the mixture clumps together. Add another tablespoon of water if the mixture is still too dry and crumbly.

Bring the dough together into a ball. Knead lightly, on a work surface dusted with rice flour, until smooth. Very important tip – Wrap in clingfilm and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Roll out the pastry and check that it is the required size against your chosen tin that you’ll need to bake the case in.

Use a rolling pin to drape the pastry into the tin and then press gently into place. Trim edges using a sharp knife.