Leftovers minestrone with bacon and harissa

Leftovers minestrone with bacon and harissa

I had a whole load of leftover veggies from Sunday and what better way to use them than make a heartwarming and healthy soup!

I had fresh local peas, carrots, cabbage with bacon and some cauliflower cheese left over.

I added one finely chopped onion to a pan, some pumpkin, baby courgettes, 3 tomatoes, and some pearl barley. I like minestrone to be chunky not pureed so I chopped up everything pretty finely.

Once I had chopped up the leftovers too, I added those to the pan and topped the pot with chicken stock.

Bring to the boil and simmer until pearl barley is puffed up and tender.

To serve I like to add a fresh gbejna, harissa paste and a good glug of olive oil!

Voila, all veggies used up and no waste 🙂

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