Butterflied coriander marinated pork fillet

Butterflied coriander marinated pork fillet

for the marinade –

2 tablespoons coriander seeds
3 cloves of spring garlic
small handful of parsley
small handful of fresh coriander leaves
1 tablespoon rock salt
couple of tablespoons great quality olive oil
white pepper to taste.

How to butterfly your pork fillet
Holding the knife blade flat, so that it’s parallel to the board, make a lengthwise cut into the centre of the fillet, stopping short of the opposite edge so that the flaps remain attached. Open the fillet as you would a book.

Cover with plastic wrap. With a meat mallet, rolling pin or heavy pan, pound the meat to the desired thickness. Alternatively ask your butcher to do it for you!

In a pestel and mortar crush the coriander seeds, salt and garlic. Add the parsley, coriander leaves and olive oil until you have a bright green paste. Alternatively you can use a food processor.

Smear the pork fillet with the mixture and let it marinade for up to 2hours.

Cooking methods may vary. This is a great BBQ recipe, alternatively you can pay fry, oven roast or grill. Timing depend on method. For this recipe I grilled it for approx 10 mins on each side depending on thickness.

Tips for cooking pork –

Pork is always best cooked over medium heat. Too hot and the meat will have a tendency to dry out
Pork (like all meat) continues to cook after removal from heat. For best results, let your dish rest uncovered for 1-2 minutes in a warm environment prior to serving
Always cut meat across the grain to keep tender

Served on a wedge of fresh maltese bread and baby salad leaves. Drizzle fillet slices with the any juices from the pan.

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