Gluten-Free Whole 30 Business: So Far, So Full

Interesting read – Paleo woe.

Gluten is my Bitch

gluten-free whole30Here’s the thing I like about this Whole 30 situation. You’re really not going to get hungry. Yes, you will crave lemonade (which is weird, why am I craving lemonade?) and you’ll wish you could enjoy a gluten-free corn dog in the middle of the night,  and I will admit to wishing I had some dark chocolate with almonds to top off my dinner, but it’s not out of hunger. Because the idea is to get all of those proteins and veggies all up in you so you feel satisfied and full. If that truffle burger with cauliflower mash doesn’t fill you up? Well, I can’t help you.

gluten-free whole30I also made this, my fave tuna tartare situation, for lunch one day. I had a hard time finding sushi-grade tuna at the fish counter however, so I had to go to a sushi joint and ask them to slice up some…

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