Paleo Chowing Part 2: Oven-Free Cooking

Gluten is my Bitch

gluten-free paleoI’m not sure if I have complained enough this week about my oven, and my laptop both crapping out. Oh, also, I think my 15-year-old dog is on the way out too. But hey, why not stick with a paleo diet when it offers you no cheese whatsoever?

All right, I did have nachos once this week. Once. And I felt horrible after, and I’m realizing that I feel a zillion times better if I stick to (at the least) a dairy-free, refined-sugar free and duh, gluten-free diet. I have added the occasional legume and even less occasional potato (in fact, I was planning on eating a baked potato the night my oven died but refused to debase the ‘tater by popping it in the microwave, so still, no white potatoes that are not on the approved paleo list) to my diet. Also, I’m still trying to figure out…

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