Avocado Pesto

Summer screams basil doesn’t it?
You can’t make better use of basil than an authentic pesto. Or can you? Well you can when you add avocado to it!

Here’s my take on a fantastic dish which I made with Gf spaghetti.

Basic basil pesto

2 bunches of basil leaves
150ml evoo
150g toasted pinenuts
3 garlic cloves
150g parmesan, grated finely.

I like to us a traditional pestel and mortar. It bruises the leaves and lets out so much fragrance. Another little tip is to have the oil nice and cold. That way you keep the vibrant green colour. Hey, if you have no time, chuck everything in the food processor, I won’t judge.

Next up mash a couple of ripe avocados with a fork, mix with the pesto. If your mix is too thick, fear not. Grap a ladle of pasta water and mix it in when tossing the pasta & pesto. Finish off with some chilli flakes and freshly grated parmesan cheese.