How to make a fast day go by FAST

So I mentioned I was going to start fasting again.

The 5:2 way of eating makes sense to me.
What does 5:2 mean? It means eating normally 5 days a week, and fasting for 2 days a week. When you fast you can consume up to a MAXIMUM of 500 calories.

The 500 calories can be split into 3 meals, 2 meals or 1, 500 calorie meal.
I prefer to sip water and herbal tea throughout the day and have one decent meal in the evening, when the family are eating too. Plus I have never managed to go to sleep hungry.

Today Ive had 2 coffees, 2.5ltrs of water, and two fennel teas and I’ve just made myself a broccoli and stilton soup for dinner.
I used 1 medium red onion, 1 whole broccoli(400g) with half the stalk and leaves, 100g of stilton, 1ltr of water and 2 small courgettes(100g).

Non stick pot, soften onion with half a tspn of olive oil, add chopped broccoli and courgettes. Add water (you can add a chicken stock cube if you’d like to). Simmer till tender, around 15 mins and add stilton. Blitz till smooth. Check for seasoning.

The soup is warm, tasty and full of calcium, vit C and green veggie goodness. Calories for 1.2ltr of soup – 346cals cheese/100cals broccoli/olive oil 20cals/courgette 17cals – 483 cals total
chicken stock cube – 30cals (optional)
Ive got three portions there! Thats Thursday sorted too! 🙂

I like to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. It breaks the week up and I can enjoy a full and proper weekend. There is a wonderful and informative facebook group – they are all so helpful and supportive. You’ll love reading the posts. You get some truly inspirational stories in there too!

Tips on making a fast day go fast –
keep busy; make fast day, chore days.
Eat early, prepare the family meal after you’ve had something.
drink plenty of water & herbal teas.

Lastly, take 58minutes of your life and watch this –http://


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