Myth Busting 101 – Eating healthy is expensive

I’ve said it too. So we’re all on the same boat. No judgement, we all want to stretch our money further.
Of course, eating well can be expensive – That is, if you’re shopping in the wrong places.

So how do you eat FRESH AND HEALTHY on a budget?

Shopping ahead is key. I love to shop daily because I like to cook what I fancy eating. However this is costing me so much more on a weekly basis, not to mention its time consuming! Who has this sort of time these days anyway? One of my main tasks this year is to get this blog full of links from local producers of food items and going back to basics when it comes to diet.

Part 1. Vegetables
Where to shop?

Well, Saturday mornings for most of us folk is chores time right?
First things first, you need to get yourself up to the Farmers Market in Ta’Qali.
No really.
If you have never been, make it a priority on Saturday morning’s to do list.
The abundance is pretty amazing.
The set up is right in front of San Frangisk animal shelter.

The vans on the peripheries of the market sell a mix of local and foreign vegetables. So yes if you see a pineapple you’re in the wrong place.

You can get yourself a box load, yes, box load of fresh in season fruits and vegetables, a good weeks load for around 10€. Shop around, look at all the vendor stalls.


All the above cost €22.50 but as you can see that exceeds a weeks worth, more like two!

Haggle if you wish to, although; undeserved as these people work so hard, all year round. Come rain or shine! I should know, I had my own stall for about 6 months.

my brother and I at the farmers market! wonderful memories 🙂

Market sets up at 6.30 till around 1pm. You can get some super deals if you go later on in the morning, 12.30ish, although, you might not find everything.

If you’re a fan of the Farmer’s Market, show some ❤ love ❤ by leaving a comment below!

(Everything but the kitchen sink) Minestrone for less than 5€ – serves 4-6 big bowls.

I call this the above because you can put anything you want into it and it is always turns out to be delicious. Such a heart warmer and low in calories too 🙂 For a vegetarian option eliminate the bacon, I like it cos it adds a lovely depth.
you’ll need a base of the following.
onion and a thick slice of bacon, a handful of lovage(karfus ta Malta) – fry onion until soft and translucent
kunserva – tomato paste, 1 tablespoon
1 veggie stock cube (optional)
1/2 a bag of any lentils or soup mix (optional)
1/2 fresh sheeps milk gbejna per person.
Veggie options – pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, tinned chickpeas or any bean, cabbage, cauliflower, frozen peas, tomatoes, french beans, courgettes, fennel, romaine lettuce… anything you have going!!
The trick to keeping as many nutrients in the soup as possible is to cook the veggies till just tender. I suggest you boil the stock and lentils first, the add small cubed size veggies and cook till just right. No longer than 10 mins.
I always finish the soup off with a teaspoon of basil pesto – but that is entirely optional too 😀

Next post – Part 2. Meat shopping
Supermarket butchers – you’re paying much more than you would at your local village butcher or specialised poultry shop.

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