Je suis Charlie


I sit here with trepidation. Ive cooked my family dinner, we ate together. Everyone came home. I’ve settled my little one in her bed. Us grownups, we started our movie. Yet I am here at my kitchen counter.  We are alive. Je suis Charlie. I am Charlie. I am a believer of freedom of speech, I am a believer of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I am horrified by what happened today. I cannot settle because I tell everyone who will listen that we are millions of people on this Earth, we live in harmony. We come from different backgrounds and beliefs, we live in harmony. Of course there are some bad apples. Can we generalise? Hell no. The victims of this unneccessary bloodshed, may you rest, wherever you are. I grieve for you. To the Parisians, no one can take away your freedom. Do not allow it. To all the muslims living in fear, As Salaam Alaikum. To all who judge, don’t. We live in a complex, complex time. PLEASE #stophate

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